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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Shapr3D – The first ever CAD system to operate Siemens Parasolid and HOOPS Exchange on iOS natively

Shapr3D belongs to a direct modeling tool that is specially designed for the Apple iPad Pro. It contains an intuitive 3D modeling user interface and broad CAD software.

It is the first ever CAD system to operate Siemens’ industrial-strength Parasolid® software and HOOPS Exchange indigenously on Apple iOS.

There does not exist any pushing files or rendering jobs up to the cloud, and it operates offline devoid of an Internet connection. No cloud storage is required for Shapr3D; all data is preserved and protected on your iPad Pro.

The software provides huge benefits to the various professionals like product designers, engineers, architects, jewelry designers and 3D printing hobbyists. A free educational license is also available for the students.

It combines the Siemens Parasolid modeling engine and HOOPS Exchange to facilitate solid modeling and data translation locally inside the app.

Availability and Pricing:

Shapr3D is accessible in a free and Pro version. One can download the free version from the Apple App Store, and the Pro version is an “in-app” purchase.

The free version comprises of 3 workspaces and 3D printing export. The Pro version contains unlimited workspaces, expert to other CAD apps, image import/export, and construction plane/axis colors.

For more information, click on the followinglink

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Learn to add light & lighting effect in Revit Architecture 2018

Watch this exclusive revit video tutorial to learn how to insert light as well as provide lighting effect in Revit Architecture 2018.

To start with, go to architecture tab, then components and click on place a component and then load family and choose lighting.

In Revit, lighting fixtures belong to model elements which are described through families.

Revit comes with various lighting fixture families, which are applied in projects or as the basis for custom lighting fixtures. To produce or adjust a lighting fixture family, use the Family Editor.
Go through the video to learn the complete process.

Video Source: KITE Tutorials

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

CorelCAD 2018 is just launched for Mac and Windows

Corel Corporation, the renowned Canada based software developer, has recently launched CorelCAD 2018 to provide support for advanced 2D drawing and 3D modeling workflows.

CorelCAD 2018 belongs to a completely native DWG-based CAD system that supports AutoCAD. It is based on German CAD engine ARES.

The Power of CorelCAD 2018: CorelCAD 2018 streamlines both 2D and 3D CAD drafting and modeling along with the support for 3D printing. It functions on both Mac OS X and Windows.
This newest CAD software contains the following New Features :-
The most striking feature is improved 3D solid modeling editing. Now, the users will be able to save huge design time with the use of superior EntityGrips and Properties palette. With the inclusion of the new Helix tool, it is possible to generate 2D spirals and 3D helixes. By applying this tool, the architects and designers can produce objects like spiral staircases and the manufacturer of springs, screws, and bolts.
Other key features are given below :
• New Improved Tables tools — In tables, add formulas to cells with arithmetic operators and the Sum, Average, and Count functions. Apply the new ExportTable command to export tables in a comma separated format (CSV) for import in Microsoft Excel or database applications.
• New MultiLeader tool —Now draw, edit, and configure callouts by means of several leader lines.
• New Dynamic Custom Coordinate System (CCS) — Considerably accelerate and simplify any 3D design workflow with a new dynamic and intuitive method for editing and inserting components to 3D models.
• New AutoCAD R2018 DWG Support — CorelCAD 2018 can support the current AutoCAD (.dwg) file format.
• New Productivity improvements — Simplify any workflow with the copy command to instantly copy selected objects to the active layer rather than the source layer. By applying improved Paste command, it is possible to paste content from the clipboard to the active layer in place of the source layer, or select the Shift + Arrow keys to shift selected entities with a specific increment.
• New Manage Block Attribute Properties and Settings — With the use of the new Block Attribute Manager, edit the Block Attribute properties and settings in Block (symbol) definitions in an intuitive UI.
One can access CorelCAD 2018 through subscription from the Mac App Store. Monthly subscription will be priced at $34.99.USD and an annual subscription is available for the equivalent of $25.USD per month ($300.USD annually).
CorelCAD 2018 is accessible in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian-Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
Download CorelCAD 2018 (Windows/Mac) CAD software
CorelCAD 2018 is just launched for Mac and Windows

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Rajib Dey