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Friday, March 24, 2017

AutoCAD 2016 Tutorial On Cameras, Materials, Lighting And Rendering

Learn the detailed process for creating a 2d house plan as well as 3d model of the house with the use of AutoCAD by going through this AutoCAD video tutorial.

The video sheds light on the following topics :-
Generating Cameras
Using Materials
final Preview of the project
In this tutorial, AutoCAD 2016 is used.

AutoCAD 2016 Tutorial on cameras, materials, lighting and rendering

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Rajib Dey

Thursday, March 23, 2017

How To Use Revit 2017 To Make A Great Elevation

This Revit video tutorial demonstrates how to use Revit 2017 to produce a perfect and clear elevation in Revit.
Revit 2017 contains a new feature that is called elevation and section depth cueing. The revit users now will be able to set a distance fade in Section and Elevation Views in Revit.
Depth cueing can be used for modeling elements and graphic display effects like shadows and sketchy lines. The feature is not suitable for annotation elements, line weight, linework, background image, or background color.
Once depth cueing is applied to a view, the following can be performed :-
 Export the view to an image file.
• Print the view (raster processing only).
• Add the view to a sheet.

How to use Revit 2017 to make a great elevation

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Rajib Dey

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How To Complete An Advanced House Project With AutoCAD

The beginner’s AutoCAD users, who want to sharpen their 2D and 3D modeling skills, can watch this AutoCAD video tutorial. The video shows how to complete an advanced house project with AutoCAD. The AutoCAD users can learn how to generate a 2d house plan by using different types of commands.

Given below, the lists of commands which are used in this project.
a. Settle drawing units and limits
b. Specifying area of your drawing
c. Creating walls, windows and door
d. Applying line Command
e. Applying rectangle fillet champher
f. Creating layers in Autocad and process of using them
g. Applying design center in Autocad 2016
h. Generating dimensions for you drawing
j. Creating elevation from any 2d plan
i. Accomplishing 3d Modeling of the 2d Plan with explanation

How to complete an advanced house project with AutoCAD

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Rajib Dey