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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Learn To Create Roofs By Footprint & Join Complex Roof In Revit 2017

There are different methods in Revit for creating roofs. The easiest one is the footprint roof. A footprint roof is ideal for generating floors. Just select sketchup mode and draw the shape of the roof. Once it is completed, it produces the 3D form easily finished with any slope that is allowed by you.

Initially choose, high roof floor plan. Then go to Architecture tab and click roof button. Here default is roof by footprint. Alternatively, you can go through the dropdown menu and select roof by footprint.

It is possible to place three types of roofs by applying footprint which range from a flat roof, a gable roof and a hip roof.

Learn to create roofs by footprint & join complex roof in Revit 2017

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Rajib Dey


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